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Such fun at Lac de Saint Cassien!

The Beach at Lac de Saint Cassien

Situated just outside the village of Montauroux is the next best thing to the beach. It is called Lac de Saint Cassien and is an enormous expanse of clear fresh water set within woodlands. There are many “beaches” around the lake but not all of them are so easy to get to, hence some are more populated than others! However, with the right footwear or the hire of a pedalo, the others can covet your title of “king” of your private little beach whilst they look on from the other side of the lake!

The children (and adults) will enjoy the inflatable aqua course and water trampoline. Life jackets are supplied so no fear for those who aren’t strong swimmers - all able bodied people can participate. Paddle boards and Pedalos can be hired all at reasonable prices and once you have exhausted yourself there and worked up an appetite, there is an array of restaurants around the lake, some with thie own private bit of beach and sun-beds.

Pedalos at Lac de Saint Cassien

Even if you have hired a villa with a pool nearby or been visiting the beach, this lake is a relief from the salt water and chlorine.

For the fishermen amongst you, Lac de Saint Cassien holds the world record for the largest Carp caught. Day permits for fishing can be obtained from fishing tackle shops, the tourist office or even some of the restaurants around the lake. Rowing boats can be hired.

This is also the perfect location for walks and picnics. The scenery and rock pools around the lake are just stunning. Parts of it you just wont see unless you go by foot into the woodlands.

Lac de St Cassien is a man made reservoir fed by 6 different streams/rivers. It was originally created in 1966 as a source of hydro-electricity and a water reserve for residents in the area. Spanning 420 hectares (7kms long and 3.5kms wide) the lake provides a home to many species of fish, terrapins, birds (around 180), plants and trees. There is an observatory from where you can watch the birds. Walk through the Reserve de Fondurant. It is well worth the effort. There are well laid out paths and tracks through the trees following the lakeside. There are so many different fauna and flora to see. It is a great area enjoyed by cyclists and joggers .

Everywhere you look is just beautiful! Although some areas are quite busy there are quieter areas, places you can explore and access only by boat/ kayak. Occasionally you can even see horses swimming!

If you are holidaying in the area you really will miss out if you don't spend at least a day at the Lac de Saint Cassien. It is a real hotspot for relaxation!

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